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Off The Shelf Reps


Off The Shelf Reps are a professional team of go getters!  There is no replacement for the relationships they have built putting years and years into developing in store relationships.  We love working with OTSR and have seen continued growth year over year with their team.  Thank you so much to Off The Shelf Reps!!”

Off The Shelf Reps are out there, pounding the pavement and knocking on doors.  They know how to get in front of the buyer!  Mindy and her Team are persistent, professional and they follow through.”

“Mindy’s professionalism and dedication to her vendor and retail partners is beyond compare. She is in the market on a daily basis which is imperative when building a successful business.”

“If you want a broker with a ‘get ‘er done’ spirit, look no further than OTSR. They are the total package, from building amazing relationships with their accounts, the visual aspect of the product on the shelf and increasing shelf space. If you give them the tools they need to sell, they will close the deal.”

Victoria Ledesma, Maggie’s Organics

“Off the Shelf’s team provides excellent customer service with timely responses to emails and calls, monthly store photos, and a positive attitude.”

“Mindy and team are engaged, detail oriented, and have great rapport with our buyers. I also appreciate their work discipline, even when getting calls at 8:00 pm at night to go over important details.”

“We signed on based on Mindy’s years of experience on the buying side as well as her knowledge of the business… We made the right call as Off the Shelf Reps has opened large accounts for us as well.”