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Mindy Silberg

Manufacturing and selling are in my blood. In the 1950’s my grandfather made aprons, my father sold them, and my uncle still manufacturers them today. The business has always been exciting to me. I started my own business at age 12, working as an Avon lady under my mother’s name. I won my first sales award at Avon and still remember how cool that felt. I fell in love with selling. I went on to get a business degree in Apparel and Textile Management from Cornell. I spent the next ten years as an executive at Bloomingdale’s Department Store. It was an education in all things, managing, merchandising, and strategizing, but most of all, it  prepared me for my next, and current, role as a business owner.

Opening my own sales agency was always a dream.  I took a leap of faith ten years ago and it has never been boring! From managing a sales team across the country to training a room full of retail sales associates I have seen all sides of the business. I am continually motivated by our terrific sales team and have not stopped learning since.

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