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About Off The Shelf Reps:

How We Got Started

Originally based in the Big Apple, our suppliers took notice when their sales in Whole Foods grew exponentially where we represented them. “Hurry up and expand,” they said. Slowly we added representatives in Mid Atlantic, Florida, Midwest, North Atlantic and Rocky Mountain. Last year we partnered with a group in California and grew to 25 reps nationwide and this year have added the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington. Whole Foods Global continues to be one of our biggest clients and we continue to grow with their new owners Amazon. Exhibiting at two natural products shows each year (Natural Products Expo East and Expo West), we have seen our business increase to include major retailers such as Vitamin Cottage, MOM’s Organic Market, Lassen’s, Fresh Thyme Market and independent natural stores across the country.

What makes us different?

  • Three generations of sales and manufacturing in the family.
  • New York based – we are in the middle of ALL of the action.
  • Off The Shelf Reps has a national, diverse and expert sales rep team.
  • Collaborative Culture: We go beyond the traditional vendor/customer relationship and think of it as a partnership through unparalleled support.
  • We have the ability to adapt and change in an ever-changing marketplace.
  • We use a customized approach to each vendor and retailer.
  • We provide Marketing and Retail support with regular in-store demo’s and events.
  • We run business analysis to identify key growth strategies.
  • We are not afraid to think outside the box and try new merchandising techniques and ideas in order to grow sales and visibility.
  • Off The Shelf Reps has developed long term, successful relationships with both vendors and buyers.
  • Increased sales 42% in six months for major Whole Foods supplier, resulting in the company asking us to increase our coverage to the entire country
  • Built sales agency in the most competitive market (New York City) in the United States. From scratch to $2M in sales per year.  We currently have 21 sales reps nationally.
  • Off The Shelf Reps exhibits yearly at two major trade shows in the Natural Market, securing appointments with highly sought after top retailers such as Wegman’s, Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, MOM’S Organic Market and More!
  • We represent a curated assortment of top suppliers in a growing natural category for Lifestyle!
  • Off The Shelf Reps has attended Invite Only supplier meetings to discuss the transition of Whole Foods to global category buying.  We have me with Global Buyers to ensure a successful rollout.

Expo East

Snapshots of a fantastic show.
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