Getting It Done

Growing business
by hitting the road.

In order to sell your products, Off The Shelf Reps continuously works with key retail buyers. By hitting the pavement, we build new accounts and forge long term relationships. We log millions of miles on the road per year, enthusiastically servicing our supplier’s brands. All representatives assist in store resets and merchandising, targeted in-store events, trunk shows, demos, and participation in Natural Product Shows. We have a passion for moving your product.

We’ve got so much love for our natural brands. Scroll left to see our family of brands:


  • Meli Wraps

  • Lunchbots

  • Feelgoodz – Rising Tide

  • Blue Planet

  • PackIt


  • Maggie's Organics

    Maggie’s Organics

  • Boodywear

  • Lumily

  • eeBoo

  • Simply Straws

  • Green Sprouts

  • Marquet

  • Root Candles

  • Ore Originals

  • Andes Gifts

  • Seracon eco-culture

  • Jack Rabbit Creations

  • O2 Cool

  • Tey-Art

  • Matr Boomie

  • Roote

  • Dock & Bay

  • Maggie’s Essentials

  • Veggie Saver

  • Illume

  • Geo Central

  • Corkcicle

We bring your products to market.

Off The Shelf Reps is a fast-growing national sales agency with 40+ years of retail and sales experience. We represent quality manufacturers of lifestyle products to natural specialty grocers like Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme Market, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, PCC and NCG Food Coops. With outstanding customer service and a commitment to developing long lasting retail partnerships we have carved a niche in the natural channel that has made us successful and unique. With over 650 customers our reputation speaks for itself! We are excited to continue to expand nationally in the natural market. With the right vendor partners who share our values we cannot go wrong!

So They Say

Off The Shelf Reps are out there, pounding the pavement and knocking on doors.  They know how to get in front of the buyer!  Mindy and her Team are persistent, professional and they follow through.

Expo East

Snapshots of a fantastic show.
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